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Project Server 2013 SP1 Error – Derived method ‘RequiresWebPartClientScript’

Installing Project Server 2013 SP1, you welcome yourself to hell! :P

The server went down with the following error.

“Derived method ‘RequiresWebPartClientScript’ in type ‘Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.WebParts.PWAPart’ from assembly ‘Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.PWA, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c’ cannot reduce access.”

I was wondering why this PS SP1 is such in small size, where as earlier CUs were over a GB. What I beleive it does not contain anything for SharePoint and that would have caused the issue. So I went for SharePoint 2013 SP1, an another hell! :P well it worked after couple of hours of update :)

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Access Denied: Claims stored in the credentials did not match with the group claim for a group app

This comes when I try to access report after I setup Excel and Secure Store Services. Everything was setup perfectly, as I’ve done it many times but this time nothing seems to be working. I came across a site where it was mentioned that sometimes SSS gets crazy and doesn’t work properly.

The solution that worked for me was to recreate SSS Application, other solution could’ve also worked, that is just to recycle IIS (in my case didn’t require).

Happy Reporting!



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The option for the SharePoint 2013 workflow platform is not available

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite “http://vm08/pwa” -WorkflowHostUri “http://vm08:12291″ -AllowOAuthHttp

Using the above PowerShell command to hook Workflow Manager farm to SharePoint Farm site, throws the following error

“The option for the SharePoint 2013 workflow platform is not available”

In my case, restarting the workflow manager service get me rid of the error!

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Provisioning Failed – see the Application event Log

This can be caused by many reasons. After looking into Windoes Event Viewer, I saw the following log;

Provisioning ‘PWA\Anyname’: Failed to create SharePoint site. Exception ‘System.ArgumentException: “PWA\Anyname” contains invalid character ‘\’.

For me this is something new, as previous version of Project Server (i.e: 2010) could take path as “PWA\Anyname”, but 2013 threw this error, so I just changed it to something like “PWA-Anyname” and it worked!

Still don’t know why it can’t accept backslash ‘\’ if someone come across this and know, please do share your thoughts.

Happy Project Servering :)

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Failed to Provision site PWA

Action: Migrating PS 2010 to another farm

Error: Failed to provision site PWA with error: Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Administration.ProvisionException: Failed to provision databases. —> Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Administration.ProvisionException: Published database schema version 14.1.551.0 newer than project server schema version 14.1.351.0

Solution: Use following query on ┬ásource server on any SharePoint’s or Project Server’s database to get the latest version.

SELECT * FROM Versions

Installed same service pack and cumulative update on the target server as they are on source server.


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