Provisioning Failed – see the Application event Log

This can be caused by many reasons. After looking into Windoes Event Viewer, I saw the following log;

Provisioning ‘PWA\Anyname’: Failed to create SharePoint site. Exception ‘System.ArgumentException: “PWA\Anyname” contains invalid character ‘\’.

For me this is something new, as previous version of Project Server (i.e: 2010) could take path as “PWA\Anyname”, but 2013 threw this error, so I just changed it to something like “PWA-Anyname” and it worked!

Still don’t know why it can’t accept backslash ‘\’ if someone come across this and know, please do share your thoughts.

Happy Project Servering 🙂

[Updates 30-12-15]

I had this issue again and this one was not related to backslash, it was related to either of two things.I followed these steps and it worked.

  • Only port 80 was open and we were trying with web application which was created on other than 80. We created the web application on port 80.
  • The web application didn’t have the Project Server Service Application connection check marked in it.  I followed this blog.  



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