Custom Field Project Status Indicator


Name: Project Status Indicator

Type: Number


Formula: IIf((ProjDateDiff([Baseline Start], [Start], [Project Calendar]) / 420) <= 0, “1”, IIf((ProjDateDiff([Baseline Start], [Start], [Project Calendar]) / 420) > 0 And (ProjDateDiff([Baseline Start], [Start], [Project Calendar]) / 420) < 5, “2”, “3”))



2 thoughts on “Custom Field Project Status Indicator

  1. Hi Kashif,

    I have used this formula with all instructions, and I have removed [Project Calendar] because we don’t use it, it gives me error that your formula contains error. Can you guide me that?


    1. Hi Sohail,

      I’m sorry couldn’t get back earlier as I was on vacation. Can you show me your formula? Secondly, what is the type of your field? Have you baselined your project? There could be many reason for which you are getting an error. Tell me some details and hopefully we’ll sort it out.


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