Migrating or Moving Project Server 2013 to Another Server Using PowerShell

If you do not have PWA instance and databases which are exactly named as sourced instance, then skip to point 4 ​below.​

  1. Delete existing PWA instance

  2. Dismount-SPProjectWebInstance -SiteCollection http://hqoepmapp01:85/PWA
    Dismount-SPContentDatabase AM_Content

  3. Delete any old dbs
  4. Restore new DBs which backed up from source server
  5. Run the following commands one by one, to mount content db and PWA db. And create PWA instance in the last.

  6. Mount-SPContentDatabase AM_Content -DatabaseServer HQOEPMDB01\StagingEPM –WebApplication http://hqoepmapp01:85/

    Mount-SPProjectDatabase -Name AM_ProjectWebApp –WebApplication http://hqoepmapp01:85/ –DatabaseServer HQOEPMDB01\StagingEPM

    Mount-SPProjectWebInstance –DatabaseName AM_ProjectWebApp –SiteCollection http://hqoepmapp01:85/PWA –DatabaseServer HQOEPMDB01\StagingEPM

  7. I had to run the following command as well in order to make the site accessible.

  8. Sync-SPProjectPermissions -Url http://hqoepmapp01:85/PWA -Type “Full”
    Set-SPPRojectPermissionMode -Url http://hqoepmapp01:85/PWA -AdministratorAccount am\epmfarm -Mode ProjectServer

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