Removing Unnecessary Permission Level Project Server

PWA sync with SharePoint groups, in order to give permission to users to access sites (PWA and/or Project Site). By default users have delete and other unnecessary permissions. Best way is to remove it from Permission Level using task scheduler as PWA revert back permission level whenever you update user’s group. To view whole list of base permission click here.

Following code applies permissions to Project Manager permission level defined in base permissions.

$site=Get-SPSite http://Server/PWA


$contributePermissionLevel=$web.RoleDefinitions["Project Managers (Microsoft Project Web App)"]

$contributePermissionLevel.BasePermissions="ViewListItems, OpenItems, ViewVersions, ManagePersonalViews, ViewFormPages, Open, ViewPages, CreateSSCSite, BrowseDirectories, BrowseUserInfo, AddDelPrivateWebParts, UpdatePersonalWebParts, UseClientIntegration, UseRemoteAPIs, CreateAlerts, EditMyUserInfo"





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