Resetting SharePoint List ID

Use the list name and sub site name to reset SharePoint list ID. Sub site is necessary because same list name could exist in another sub site.

Declare @ListID uniqueidentifier
Declare @ListName nvarchar(500)
Declare @SubSiteName nvarchar(500)

Set @ListName='AppLog'
Set @SubSiteName='Sample Order'

Select @ListID =
 tp_ID From [dbo].[AllLists]  
Where tp_Title = @ListName --'AppLog' --'ChemicalCustomerClaim'
and tp_WebId = (Select Id from dbo.AllWebs where Title= @SubSiteName )

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[AllListsAux] 
where ListID= @ListID --'A466A9AE-C6A8-4A1A-8DBB-CA3D2122268B'

--UPDATE dbo.AllListsAux set NextAvailableId=1 
--where ListID='A466A9AE-C6A8-4A1A-8DBB-CA3D2122268B'


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