Log Errors to Event Viewer C#

Use the following piece of code to log any error and/or information to Microsoft Windows Event Viewer. This is very useful when we need to store some information without doing extra efforts.

public static void LogError(string errorText)
            string userName = string.Empty;
            if (HttpContext.Current != null)
                userName = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name;
                userName = userName.Remove(0, userName.IndexOf("\\") + 1);

            StackTrace trace = new StackTrace();

                if (!EventLog.SourceExists("MOE"))
                    EventLog.CreateEventSource("MOE", "WebPart");


                EventLog.WriteEntry("MOE", string.Format("User: {0} \nFile: {1} \nMethod: {2} \nLine #: {3} \nError: {4}", userName, trace.GetFrame(2).GetMethod().DeclaringType.Name, trace.GetFrame(2).GetMethod().Name, trace.GetFrame(2).GetFileLineNumber(), errorText), EventLogEntryType.Error);


You will have something like this;


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