Moving Project Server 2010 to another farm

Make sure both servers are identical in terms of patches (SP and/or CU)

1. Take backup of all 5 databases (Archive, Draft, Published, Reporting & Content) from the source PWA. If content database of your PWA is not separate then take backup of content db as follows  even then take the whole content database backup (in my case WSS_Content) only this worked for me. The extraction method never worked! and won’t suggest anyone to follow !!!!

Backup-SPSite -identity http://OldServer/PWA -path c:\pwasitebackup.bak

2. Restore all the databases except content database to new farm, named the PWA databases as per your ease. exactly as they were on source server.

3. Create new web application (e.g http://NewServer) and make it default content db offline. and create site collection in it.

4. Create new content db and add it to newly created web application. Mount the restored content db as follows

Mount-SPContentDatabase -name NewlyCreatedContentDbName -databaseserver kashif -webapplication http://NewServer/

Mount-SPContentDatabase -name PWA_WSS_Content -databaseserver mydbservername -webapplication http://NewServer/

Id               : e764c6e9-1df6-436a-8f6c-3a75e485f8cd
Name             : PWA_WSS_Content
WebApplication   : SPWebApplication Name=SharePoint – 80
Server           : mydbservername
CurrentSiteCount : 2

5. Restore content database.

Restore-SPSite -identity http://NewServer -path c:\pwasitebackup.bak -databaseserver kashif -databasename NewlyCreatedContentDbName -force

6. Set any other content database to “Offline”, so it won’t be used during PWA provisioning. We need PWA to create use already provided sitecollections in our PWA_WSS_Content

7. Provision new PWA instance using same web application, site url and four databases restored (step 2).

Happy EPM-ing 😛

Post Migration Errors

PDP web part error:–This-Web-Part-was-unable-to-load


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