Adding New Web or Application Server for SharePoint 2010 / 2013

1. Install Prerequisites of SharePoint 2010/2013

2. Install SharePoint 2010/2013

3. Run SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard

Once you are on a screen where you have to select “Create New farm” or “Connect to Existing”, select “Connect to Existing”

4. Enter Database server and click retrieve and select your SharePoint configuration db.

5. Enter Passphrase

6. Click Advance Settings and select “Do not use this machine to host the web sites” if this would be your Application Server or select “Use this machine to host the web site” if this would be your Web Front End (WFE) server

7. Run SharePoint Farm Configuration Wizard from Central Admin and complete the steps.

8. Stop “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application” on application page and start the same on WFE. Following should be the only services running on WFE, rest of the services should be running on application server.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application (this is what turns IIS into a SharePoint “page-serving” machine)
  • Search Query and Site Settings Service (the process that takes the user’s query string and looks it up in the index)
  • SharePoint Server Search Service (but just the functionality that is necessary for the query processor)
  • Central Administration (assuming you didn’t decide to move it to the Application Server)

Services on servers

Above image depicts different services for WFE.

That’s it! this is what all you need. For details you can follow this post.

I also found this great posts by Thuan.



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