Timer Job, could not be updated because the current user is not a Farm Administrator

After successful deployment of WSP over the server, when activating the feature it threw an error “Timer Job, could not be updated because the current user is not a Farm Administrator” found it from the logs.

The solution is simple, run the following command as Administrator in SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.

Enable-SPFeature -Identity “FeatureName” -Url “http://servername:port”

Follow the link for more details:


Updates 24-08-2013:

I had similar issue again but this time the above solution didn’t work in first go, it threw this error “The Feature is not a Farm level feature and is not found in a site level defined by the url” when tried the above command. I followed the steps given below and it worked, it’s not necessary to do all these steps.

1. If multiple servers exist ( App, WFE etc.), try running from WFE first and then to others.

2. Uncheck read only files, use the following command

$Path = “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\”
$Files = Get-ChildItem $Path -Recurse
ForEach ($File in $Files)
Write-Host “File: ” $File “IsReadOnly: ” $File.IsReadOnly
if ($File.Attributes -ne “Directory” -and $File.Attributes -ne “Directory, Archive”)
if ($File.IsReadOnly -eq $true )
Set-ItemProperty -path $File.FullName -name IsReadOnly -value $false
write-host “file:” $File.FullName “is now false read only” -foregroundcolor “magenta”
catch [Exception]
Write-Host “Error at file ” $Path “\” $File
Write-Host $_.Exception.Message



3. Added Application Pool account to Central Admin’s Farm Administrator groups.


4. Retract, Remove, Deploy (run as different user (shift+right click), farm account) and Activate using command Enable-SPFeature.

5. I had to use the following post to find correct name of my feature.



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